SmB 49 – November 9th

On Thursday November 9th the last regular café of 2017 will be hosted! But fear not, on December 14th we will host a special café with a Sports theme including many exciting and of course sciency speakers; more info to follow shortly!
This month’s edition will be no less impressive as we have a grand line-up for you with lots of intriguing science, see the teasers below. As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Scott Waitukaitis
Elastic Leidenfrost Effect

The Leidenfrost effect is well-known to the chef—splash a bit of water on a pan, and if it’s hot enough to cook a pancake, then the water magically glides above the surface rather than boiling. While commonly associated with liquids, it can also happen with stiff solids like dry ice. Inspired by a YouTube video, I’ve recently exposed a new type of Leidenfrost effect that occurs with vaporizable soft solids, e.g. hydrogels. Rather than hovering, such materials energetically bounce and release ear piercing screeching noises. This new physical phenomenon teaches us how to use soft materials to harness mechanical energy and may be useful applications like soft robotics and microfluidics

Peter Sijmons
Peter Sijmons is a Leiden Biosciencepark veteran, one of the first employees in the 2nd biotech company in the park 1986, he will give a short tour of his career in biotech and how he returned to the park with the software company Szienz. This bumpy tour will illustrate the futility of career planning and highlights entrepreneurial behaviour

Sylvestre Bonnet
Light-activatable metal-based anticancer drugs

Sylvestre Bonnet studies the coordination chemistry of metal complexes in biological and biomimetic environment. By combining inorganic synthesis and photochemistry he makes new light-activatable metal-based anticancer prodrugs for use as targeted anticancer agents with minimal side-effects.

Location & Time

17:00 walk-in, 17:30 start
BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.
We’re happy to see you! Please let us know if you plan to do so.


An impression of the Cafe

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SmB 47 – September 14th

On Thursday September 14th, we will host the sixth café of 2017.  This will be the first after the summer break and we look forward to get back to business! As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Levels Diagnostics
(Blandine le Tallec)

  • It is estimated that a total number of 300 million people will die due to resistant bacteria by 2050.
  • Due to misdiagnosis, people return to doctorsmore often, increasing the total health costs.
  • Being unable to treat common infections with antibiotics may turn a simple UTI into a potentially life threatening disease

Our solution is a rapid diagnostic tool that allows medical healthcare professionals to assess the nature of an infectious disease. Our disposable and affordable tool will provide an accurate diagnosis within minutes. OUR GOAL: Reduce antibiotics usage, and improve diagnosis everywhere in the world.

Good Biomarker Sciences
(Dimitar Tasev)

As a GCLP-certified CRL we provide services like analytical support, research support and consultation for your studies.

Good Biomarker Sciences (GBS Leiden) provides fit-for-purpose analytical services. GBS Leiden scientists are specialized in haemostasis, and immunomodulation with a focus on functional assays. We offer scientific and analytical support for clinical trials, population studies and pre-clinical drug development. Our methods provide continuity through pre-clinical and clinical studies to accelerate drug development.

The Allan Lab
(Milan Allan)

Allan scrutinizes quantum materials by looking at the ‘melting’ of electrons with an STM microscope. Physicists consider electrons in a material as an electronic liquid that can be frozen or molten.

When molten, the liquid conducts electricity, but when frozen, it will block any currents. Certain materials have both frozen and molten parts in their electronic liquid. This interplay between molten and frozen is thought to define the exotic properties of quantum materials, including the property of being able to conduct electricity without resistance, which would benefit society tremendously.

Location & Time

17:00 walk-in, 17:30 start
BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.
We’re happy to see you! Please let us know if you plan to do so.


An impression of the Cafe

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SmB Cafe + annual BBQ | June 8th

It’s time for our annual BBQ again!


Science meets Business (SmB) and Science Based Business (SBB) teamed up again for this special and yummy event, where we invite SBB alumni as our speakers, to not only get an insight into interesting science based companies and their work and/or research, but also into the career of the speakers, which started out the same way as a lot of our attending students.
Learn, get inspired, network, enjoy and especially for the business interested science students: find an internship! Representatives from interesting and relevant companies will be present to talk to, ask questions and maybe even get a follow-up with. But only if you want to! Otherwise you can just only enjoy the cafe and catch-up with those you have chatted with before at SmB or SBB.
(Note: This event is for all people interested Science meets Business and Science Based Business, our regulars, our ‘Club’, students, PhD’s, sponsors and so on. No-one is excluded because of this ‘special theme’.)

Speakers & Sponsors

Three SBB and Faculty of Science alumni will be presenting their career after SBB and what science in business they are practicing. Among these are

Main sponsors: Science Based Business | QuintilesIMS


SponsorsKplusV | Northpool | Sigma Aldrich by Merck | DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals


17:00 – Walk-in
17:30 – Start presentations
18:30 – Drinks & Walk-in BBQ
19:00 – Opening BBQ
19:15 – A word by sponsors


BioPartner 1 (Foyer and garden)
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH Leiden


Rain dances.
We accept a lot except for rain.*
*We will be lenient and have tents in case the rain dances fail, though. 

Want to join?

The event is free, but on RSVP basis only.
No RSVP == No Food (unless there are leftovers of course).

The Cafe and BBQ are full… 🙁
There are still spots for the BBQ! 🙂

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SmB 45 – May 11th 2017

On Thursday May 11th, we will host the fourth café of 2017. As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Vincent Ulmer – From Japan studies via Linguistics to Chat bots (BotBoys)Vincent Ulmer

Having a background in Japan studies (BA) and Theoretic cognitive linguistics (MA), Vincent Ulmer now is a chatbots entrepreneur that has been accepted in the Rockstart Accelerator programme. To what extent does he use his study and research? What is the role of a humanities researcher leading a software company?

Tijmen Blankevoort – Enabling anyone to teach an AI (Scyfer)Tijmen Blankevoort

Scyfer is creating the next generation of Artificial Intelligence applications. Our AI enables anyone to teach it by simple interaction, making intelligence broadly accessible in many different industries. We bring together the best European experts in machine learning to solve real business challenges. Clients include TATA Steel, ING, Ahold Delhaize, ABN Amro, Akzo Nobel, and many more.
Tijmen Blankevoort is co-founder and CTO of Scyfer, a spin-off company of th
e University of Amsterdam specialized in bringing Artificial Intelligence to business. Tijmen bridges the gap between complex AI developments and practical applications in the business world by working towards his vision: Enabling anyone to teach an AI.

Henk Hoekstra – The dark side of the Universe (Leiden Observatory)Henk Hoekstra

We have made tremendous progress in measuring the basic properties of the Universe. However, this has not led to a better understanding: most of the matter is believed to be invisible and the biggest puzzle of all is the observation that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. This is, however, exciting as we know that are discoveries to be made. Many ideas have been developed, but better measurements are needed. A major step forward will be Euclid, an ESA mission designed to study the dark side of the Universe. Dr. Hoekstra presents the challenges we face, and how we plan to address these. With this research, Dr. Hoekstra was awarded the prestigious Vici grant.


BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.
We’re happy to see you! Please let us know if you plan to do so.


An impression of the Cafe

More photo’s can be found on Facebook.

SmBPC 2017 prize goes to VirideTech!

Last Thursday, April 20th, the third edition of the Science meets Business Plan Competition (SmBPC) was hosted in the Leiden Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR), featuring five exciting early-phase science start-ups. Congratulations to Viride Tech for winning the main prize, the wild-card to the Gulliver’s finale and a month at FlexLab Leiden and to Levels Diagnostics for winning the Luris Audience Award!
Also many thanks to the other contestants: Polariks, GenX and VitroScan! It was a very tough competition with only strong competitors, bringing an exciting evening.

The Science meets Business team would finally like to thank the CHDR again for their support and congratulate them on their 30th anniversary.
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Science dates Business – May edition cancelled

[!!] The edition of May 18th has been cancelled do to many overlapping activities. Please sign up for the BBQ of June 8th for more networking.

Are you excelling in science but looking for a business partner with more or different business skills?

Do you have business skills with a love for science and would you like to be part of a science start-up?

This is the event to sign up for!

We are welcoming those who are looking for skills, for partners, for those who want to grow and excel and see that this is something to not do alone. You will get the chance to get to know all the potential future partners in a fun and direct way in a ‘speed-dating session’, after which we will be able to casually network further. To get in the mood and get inspired, we will have two science-and-business ‘couples’ tell their love story, to see how they met and became partners in crime.
Sign up now if you would like to take part! (see link at bottom of the page)


  • 16:00 – 16:15  Walk-in
  • 16:15 – 16:30  Two science-and-business love stories*
  • 16:30 – 17:30  Speed-dating*
  • 17:30 – 18:00  Networking

*Disclaimer for the record: This is not a romance based event. We’ll keep it professional.


BioPartner 1 (Foyer)
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH Leiden

Verified present start-ups

  • All4Elevation
  • Idris Oncology
  • Seranovo



Let us know if you’ll be there! Also please let us know if you’d like a visual as the ones above.

RSVP now!

If anything doens’t work or if you have other questions, please send an e-mail or call 06 2617 0522.

SmB 44 – April 13th 2017

On Thursday April 13th, we will host the third café of 2017. As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Ronald Loggers – Synthetic & rational immunotherapy in cancer and viral infections (ISA Pharmaceuticals)

ISA’s patented immunotherapy platform (SLP®) has opened up a wide range of possibilities in the treatment of diseases. Founded in 2004 by the Aglaia Oncology Fund and the LUMC, the company has proven its worth in multiple clinical studies (up to phase 2).

Leo Price – Clinically relevant 3D screening (OcellO)

OcellO excels in the development of clinically relevant in vitro human micro-tissue models that can be used for the screening and profiling of small molecules and biologics. The analysis of these models, many of which use patient-derived material, is enabled by OcellO’s unique high throughput 3D imaging and phenotypic profiling technology.

Max Green – Improving laboratories with the ‘maker’ mindset (Buxenus)

Laboratories are secretive places to the outside world and the rules that must be abided are strict. Outside the official laboratories however, there are so called ‘biohackers’ that use readily available equipment and parts to build their own biolabs. Buxenus is inspired by this group and aspires to bring simplistic innovations to professional and industrial environments.


BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.

[The aftermath] This is how it went!

Another look at science and business (Cafe 43)

Last Thursday 9th, the second Thursday of March, we had another interesting cafe.
The tone was set when Hitesh Chellaney – who is developing a new travel experience (Trippm) based fully on data science – challenged the audience to think about the definition of science and business and whether a scientist would make a better businessman than a businessman who is not a scientist. Does making business automatically mean making money (profit)?
Michael Utkin then followed, presenting eFarmer, his company creating an app making it possible for farmers to – without expensive machinery with built-in GPS – optimally and efficiently plow the land. Saving time and money, with a free service, to be expanded with paid solutions. Science meeting business in the farming industry.
Finishing off was David Dasberg, presenting Facio Therapies – working towards a cure for FSHD -which is handling a totally different business model than usually found within pharma, starting a good discussion which we took along into the drinks.
Thijs de Kleer, director of BioPartner, kicked off the evening, presenting updates on the BioPartner and new projects which are being worked on, for example the Flex Lab, of which the technology was presented by Buxenus – partners in the project – a few cafes before.
Our speakers again provided lots of discussion material, making another buzzing vibe during the networking drinks.
We are looking forward to welcoming you next time, April 13th!

Science and Business eat and meet

Last Friday, March 3rd, Science meets Business welcomed representatives of ACE, Area071, C4I, ECE, ESA BIC, Innovation Quarter, IXA, Luris, OVBSP and YES!Delft for a lovely dinner at In Den Doofpot in Leiden, to meet and mingle, to exchange goals, ideas and practices and to get a taste of how we could collaborate (more) in the future.
This dinner was made possible by Health Holland through the Dutch Life Science Conference and we’d therefore, next to our guests for their enthusiasm, like to thank them greatly for this opportunity. We had fun all the way from the business game to the dinner and will keep on doing so, organizing events that keep uniting science and business in good company and and creating tons of inspiration and motivation.
We are looking forward to meeting each other again soon at one or another’s or of course joint events.

SmB 43 – Thursday 9 March – BioPartner

On Thursday 9 March, we will host the second café of 2017. As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Michael UtkinMichael Utkin – GPS systems for agricultural field records and tractor navigation (eFarmer)

We are eFarmer.
We offer tractor GPS navigation and record keeping for your smartphone With our app you will drive in straight and parallel lines. Automatically capture records of your field work. Now you can do a good job with ease.

David DasbergDavid Dasberg – Finding a cure for FSHD (Facio Therapies)

At Facio Therapies, we have a single focus – to find a cure for FSHD. More than 700,000 people worldwide are suffering from this progressive muscle wasting disease. Currently there are no treatment options available for people with FSHD. Aligned with the FSHD community, we are committed to tackling the cause of FSHD and stop the progression.

Hitesh ChellHitesh Pickuptripaney – Analytics based consumer facing travel solution (Trippm)

Hitesh Chellaney is a data scientist and a serial entrepreneur with a a background in astronomy, physics and mathematics. He is founder of Trippm, a travel platform that will be the first 100%-independent travel agent that combines the best the market has to offer in a single intuitive overview where one can in a simple and gamified manner discover, build, book, experience and reflect upon his or her perfect trip.


BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.


Please let us know you can make it!