buxenusBioscientists have hardly changed their main tools in their research in the past 30 years. Automation takes place in high throughput science, but more fundamental research and small scale production are still done very manually. This means research in one of the fastest growing industries takes place at a low pace and reproducibility is lacking due to human error.

Buxenus aims to change the nature of these slower types of research by creating laboratory instruments that modernize and automate the protocols that researchers are familiar with. We aim to do this by building what we like to call a ‘lab in a box’. A small, modular bioscientific laboratory with instrumentation that is tailored to automation and convenience.

We are currently building an instrument that will provide a complete, automated solution to electrophoresis and tasks surrounding this process. These tasks, which usually take around thirty minutes of manual work and more waiting time, will be sped up by at least 100% and will take no more than 2 minutes of manual work.

This machine will be the first in a series of machines which will bring the equipment used by these scientists into modern times and make research faster and more accessible.