BuxenusWe, Max Green and Jan Zender, want to utilize a patent from Leiden University about the
production of nanoparticles and sell them on the particle market. The patent describes a
new innovative way to produce nanoparticles, which are currently still very expensive. By
using the patented production technique we are able to produce clean, exact and
cost-efficient particles. There is a broad array of applications for nanoparticles, in health,
batteries, 3D-printing and in many other technologies. By producing at a low cost and
selling under the current market price – but still profitable for us – we will be able to
penetrate the current market. This way we will support the current development of newer,
cleaner and more efficient techniques in different markets. To achieve all of this we will
initially closely collaborate with Leiden University to protocolize and automate nanoparticle
production. By working together with the original researchers we, as well as the university,
will be able to build upon the current knowledge and add the much needed know-how.