Chemistry & Biocatalysis

Other than Red Life Sciences, the Leiden Science Sector also hold companies active in the White Life Sciences (or: Industrial Biotech) and (Organic) Chemistry. To view the companies active here, go to the LBSP database and under sectors, select Withe Life Sciences. For Marine & Environment and Green Biotech, find information on this page.
Below, these companies are shortlisted with their particulars:

Company website Business Notable for Background information
  Production of a broad range of chemical compounds. See news for a list of product highlights.  Products page.
  Technology platforms using transition metal-ligand chemistry. Catexel is a spin-out of Unilever.  Technology platform and Market applications

Features @ SmB café

  Biocatalysis and enzyme immobilization on macroporous polymeric beads.  >100 immobilized enzyme products and >60 unique chiral compounds. History, Technology and Products.
  Modelling tools for the rational design of formulations. Assisted tens of companies from EU, USA and Asia. Products in 7 focus areas.
   Discovery, application, optimization and production of industrial enzymes. In March 1999, Genencor opened its European headquearters in Leiden. DuPont Industrial Biosciences (formerly: Genencor).
   Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) with Hollow Electrodes and Loose Plates (HELP). SOFC with HELP is ultra low-cost and solves several problems when compared to ”conventional” SOFCs.  Applications.

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