The goal of the Science meets Business foundation is learning about the world of Science & Business from the experience of others and helping you to develop your own capabilities. As well as providing fertile ground for innovative ambitions, bringing together like-minded people from the innovative ecosystem in the Leiden region.

The science-based business competition will be held in Leiden for the second time. On the 20th of April 2017 five selected teams will pitch an innovative business plan that is based on science. Secondly the Science meets Business Plan Competition serves as a platform for entrepreneurs, students, scientist and companies to exchange information and promote entrepreneurship in Leiden.


The Science meets Business Plan Competition does not only give you a great opportunity to pitch your company, it also helps you as a winner to bring your company to the next level. As a winner you will receive a cash prize of €1000,- which you can use freely.

Next to the first prize the competing companies will have the chance to win the Audience Award. On the 20th of April the audience will vote for the best pitch. The winner of the Audiance Award will receive a cash prize of €500,- which can be spend freely.





  • Phase 1: Send a description of your plan (max. 2 pages) to
  • Phase 2: The five finalists will prepare a presentation.
  • Phase 3: Present your plan on the 20th of April in front of a professional jury and win a 1000,- cash prize!