Another look at science and business (Cafe 43)

Last Thursday 9th, the second Thursday of March, we had another interesting cafe.
The tone was set when Hitesh Chellaney – who is developing a new travel experience (Trippm) based fully on data science – challenged the audience to think about the definition of science and business and whether a scientist would make a better businessman than a businessman who is not a scientist. Does making business automatically mean making money (profit)?
Michael Utkin then followed, presenting eFarmer, his company creating an app making it possible for farmers to – without expensive machinery with built-in GPS – optimally and efficiently plow the land. Saving time and money, with a free service, to be expanded with paid solutions. Science meeting business in the farming industry.
Finishing off was David Dasberg, presenting Facio Therapies – working towards a cure for FSHD -which is handling a totally different business model than usually found within pharma, starting a good discussion which we took along into the drinks.
Thijs de Kleer, director of BioPartner, kicked off the evening, presenting updates on the BioPartner and new projects which are being worked on, for example the Flex Lab, of which the technology was presented by Buxenus – partners in the project – a few cafes before.
Our speakers again provided lots of discussion material, making another buzzing vibe during the networking drinks.
We are looking forward to welcoming you next time, April 13th!

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