Foundation SmBL (ANBI)

Mission of the foundation

Scientific knowledge and the capabilities of scientifically trained people can benefit society; by applying the knowledge and using those capabilities in particular in new ventures. This promotes innovation and employment. One of the bottlenecks in this process is that little interaction exists between the scientific and business world. To stimulate this, it’s the foundation’s goal to organize activities that promotes this interaction.

An example of this is the Science meets Business café, particularly aimed at students and alumni of educational institutions in Leiden. Entrepreneurial scientists stand in the spotlight to act as role models, as well as founders of companies that operate based on the results of scientific research. These inspire young people with an entrepreneurial attitude.

Blogs, background information and featured close-by activities on the website contribute to this entrepreneurial culture. Other activities that the foundation will organize, such as are open brainstorming sessions (example: 12 Dec 2013), afternoon symposia and business plan competitions, serve the same purpose of promoting further interaction. To proactively encourage further exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills, to further promote innovation and employment.

Information on the foundation and its goal

Foundation Science meets Business Leiden (RSIN 8530.22.951) was established 18 July 2013 under Dutch law.
Translated to English, its official goal:
“The foundation aims to promote the interaction between ‘science’ and ‘business’ in Leiden, as well as to represent the interests of and communication between students and alumni of the program ‘Science Based Business’ (SBB*) at Leiden University and perform all that is connected therewith or may be conducive to do so.”
* For more information on SBB, see the SBB website.

Board of the foundation & contact details

President: Vincent van der Wel
SecretaryFrédérique de Paus
TreasurerLiza de Dreu
Member:  Blandine Le Tallec
Member: Bastiaan Kluft

Policy plan: beleidsplan 2013-2016.

Contact details:

Remuneration policy: Neither the members of the board or third parties acting on behalf of the board shall receive compensation for their activities for good of or by virtue of the foundation other than reimbursement of expenses incurred justifiable under these activities.

Report of activities: reports past SmB cafe’s.

Activities and financial accountability:
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