Idris Solutions

Idris_Logo_Sub_TextOur focus is the development and exploitation of disruptive new technology in the field of micrometer scale 3Dprinting,
with the goal of using this technology to advance biotechnological research. Current solutions for
microfabrication require expensive technologies and expertise. These are by design limited in speed, are costly and are
almost exclusively focused on fundamental physics research and the electronics industry. Our solution uses a novel
approach to micro-engineering, combining several existing available technologies and improvements thereof. Using this
solution we will develop a flagship product to demonstrate and thereby more widely introduce miniaturization in the
biotechnological sector. We will find this flagship by offering the service of designing and 3-d printing micro-structures
until we have identified the most promising application. Once this is found the focus will be shifted fully to the
production of the products for this flagship application.
We are a small team of students, Hans Peter Mulder is a MSc student Molecular & Cellular Biology at Leiden
University and Peter Wiegman is a BSc student Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. We share an
eagerness to learn, a drive to pioneer and a high focus on expanding the current state of technology. Over the years we
have persistently sought after avenues to pursue these goals, culminating in the ideas that form the foundation of this
company. We are supported by an academic network which was built throughout the course of our studies, and a
growing entrepreneurial network that is currently mostly centered in the Leiden Bioscience Park.
One of the most exciting avenues in science is the meeting and merging of biology and technology, a key advancement
of humanity itself. It was in the pursuit of these ambitions that our technology was found and we realized its potential.
The technology did not flow from studies or work done during either of our studies directly, but rather from our own
ambitions and observation of the advancements in these fields. The quantity of applications this technology enables and
the power of the tools it makes possible, drive us to pursue and perfect this technology and not to take no for an
answer.We have been able to quickly acquire the knowledge and skills required to produce our first prototype. We
continue to delve into the field daily in order to stay on top of new developments and further expand our expertise.

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