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In Leiden, people are used to refer to Math, Physics, Astronomy as the “Core Exact Sciences”. Entrepreneurs from these disciplins often focus on high-tech instruments and other measurement devices aimed at doing research at the limits of physics and astronomy. Below you find a listing of companies active in these fiels, all but those from Information Technology, for which a separate page exists.

First, the high technology and engineering companies active in the Leiden region are shortlisted with some background information.
And below this, you can find a second listing of space and high-tech companies located nearby, in Noordwijk.

For more on these kind of companies, please refer to the websites of Holland Instrumentation and the ESA business incubation Centre ESA-BIC or the space business incubation centre SBIC Noordwijk.

Company website Business Notable for Background information
  Developing and selling 3D cameras and 3D measurement systems. The technology is used by astronauts since 2006 on board of the International Space Station. Products and news
 logo_ANL_scalable Supply the advanced technology research and manufacturing community with the finest CVD graphene. Supply graphene with large domain size, near perfect coverage, and a low defect density. Website, RvR@emicon, Joost Frenken and Nijmegen site.
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  Developing Biological Single Particle Recognition eQuipment, a mass spectrometry solution. Technology allows microbiologist to analyse single (bacterial) cells without culturing. Websitepresentation and interview.
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  Measurement systems, analysis software, various technologies e.g. optics, lasers NightPod camera operated by André Kuipers from space Services, Technologies, Products
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  Solar arrays, Structures, Instruments, Simulations Collaborator of Ariane Rocket Corporate brochure
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 Jacobs_logo  Engineering support to  clients across many sectors One of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of professional technical services. About Jacobs, Markets
  Transports, installs and removes offshore facilities (oil & gas) Various deepwater and heavy lift records Corporate brochure
  Makes dilution refrigerators and low temperature accessories Low temperature records, see news Company details and various models
 logo life science methods Microinjection instrument redesigned to fit the specific needs of modern high-throughput research. Robotic injection of zebrafish embryos for high-throughput screening in disease models Company details and automated microinjection
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  High-end Scanning Probe Microscopes and Nano-Technology tools for Scientific R&D In-situ nanoscale imaging during realistic processes Gallery with results

In Noordwijk, close to Leiden, ESA – ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre is situated. There are more Space related companies located in Noordwijk, all of which can be found on the website of the so called Space Business Park.
See also the ESA-BIC starters business incubation centre and SBIC ; the space business innovation centre.
Some examples of companies are listed below:

Company website Business Notable for Background information
  Technical and administrative services, and innovative solutions in niche Aerospace, Communication and Visualisation markets. See news. A.o., adviced on technical design of Pal-V, the flying car. Space and Aircraft engineering.
  Connecting people and information by innovative IT solutions. Decos has a large range of solutions, as well as clients. Decos Document, Cartracker, Outsourcing.
  Working towards human settlement of Mars in 2023. Business model is to fund it by hosting a reality show. Mission.
  Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS) for space. Partner of the Science & Technology group (s[&]t). Products and services
  Technology in the domains of (aero)Space, Remote Sensing & Monitoring, Defence & Security and the development of High-Tech Systems. See news for an up to date list of achievements. Product database.


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