SmB 44 – April 13th 2017

On Thursday April 13th, we will host the third café of 2017. As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Ronald Loggers – Synthetic & rational immunotherapy in cancer and viral infections (ISA Pharmaceuticals)

ISA’s patented immunotherapy platform (SLP®) has opened up a wide range of possibilities in the treatment of diseases. Founded in 2004 by the Aglaia Oncology Fund and the LUMC, the company has proven its worth in multiple clinical studies (up to phase 2).

Leo Price – Clinically relevant 3D screening (OcellO)

OcellO excels in the development of clinically relevant in vitro human micro-tissue models that can be used for the screening and profiling of small molecules and biologics. The analysis of these models, many of which use patient-derived material, is enabled by OcellO’s unique high throughput 3D imaging and phenotypic profiling technology.

Max Green – Improving laboratories with the ‘maker’ mindset (Buxenus)

Laboratories are secretive places to the outside world and the rules that must be abided are strict. Outside the official laboratories however, there are so called ‘biohackers’ that use readily available equipment and parts to build their own biolabs. Buxenus is inspired by this group and aspires to bring simplistic innovations to professional and industrial environments.


BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.

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