SmB 47 – September 14th

On Thursday September 14th, we will host the sixth café of 2017.  This will be the first after the summer break and we look forward to get back to business! As usual, it will take place at BioPartner. So join us and our speakers for an informative and inspirational discussion and networking!


Levels Diagnostics
(Blandine le Tallec)

  • It is estimated that a total number of 300 million people will die due to resistant bacteria by 2050.
  • Due to misdiagnosis, people return to doctorsmore often, increasing the total health costs.
  • Being unable to treat common infections with antibiotics may turn a simple UTI into a potentially life threatening disease

Our solution is a rapid diagnostic tool that allows medical healthcare professionals to assess the nature of an infectious disease. Our disposable and affordable tool will provide an accurate diagnosis within minutes. OUR GOAL: Reduce antibiotics usage, and improve diagnosis everywhere in the world.

Good Biomarker Sciences
(Dimitar Tasev)

As a GCLP-certified CRL we provide services like analytical support, research support and consultation for your studies.

Good Biomarker Sciences (GBS Leiden) provides fit-for-purpose analytical services. GBS Leiden scientists are specialized in haemostasis, and immunomodulation with a focus on functional assays. We offer scientific and analytical support for clinical trials, population studies and pre-clinical drug development. Our methods provide continuity through pre-clinical and clinical studies to accelerate drug development.

The Allan Lab
(Milan Allan)

Allan scrutinizes quantum materials by looking at the ‘melting’ of electrons with an STM microscope. Physicists consider electrons in a material as an electronic liquid that can be frozen or molten.

When molten, the liquid conducts electricity, but when frozen, it will block any currents. Certain materials have both frozen and molten parts in their electronic liquid. This interplay between molten and frozen is thought to define the exotic properties of quantum materials, including the property of being able to conduct electricity without resistance, which would benefit society tremendously.

Location & Time

17:00 walk-in, 17:30 start
BioPartner 1
J.H. Oortweg 21
2333 CH, Leiden
Please find directions here.
We’re happy to see you! Please let us know if you plan to do so.


An impression of the Cafe

More photo’s can be found on Facebook.

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