About the SmB-cafes

The SmB cafes

First cafe in June 2012

The SmB cafe is a platform where people from different backgrounds come together and learn about the world of science and business in the Leiden region.

Scientifically trained people share their experiences from their daily lives, resulting in a monthly energy shot of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, exciting innovations and visionary science. The interaction between people of various backgrounds gives rise to insightful discussions, which are a great starting point for talks over drinks.


The SmB cafe’s take place every second Thursday of the month (with only very few exceptions) and its format consists of three segments, shedding light on the hurdles on the path from scientific idea to new venture to sustainable business:

  1. In the call to action local entrepreneurs or inventors are given the floor to explain their cause, reaching out for feedback and potential partnering opportunities.
  2. In BioPartner update we give the floor to a founder / scientist / business person for an update on what their current activities are and what we can learn from this.
  3. In “making pigs fly”, a representative from a local R&D department or research institute will share their translational science to give a sneak-preview to future developments.


The goal of the SmB cafe: learning about the world of science and business from the experience of others, helping you to develop your own capabilities. As well as providing fertile ground for innovative ambitions, bringing together like-minded people from the innovative ecosystem in the Leiden region.

And equally important: offering an opportunity to catch up with your peers and colleagues over informal drinks, after a day of work or coming back home to Leiden.


The SmB cafe’s are open to the general public and the audience ranges from master students to trainees, technicians and researchers, from PhD candidates and post-docs to people working in business functions at companies and institutes in Leiden. 

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The SmB cafe is made possible thanks to generous contributions by:

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