In 2015, we thank for their extra support:

In 2014, we thank for their continuous financial support:

  • Han de Winde & Harmen Jousma (Leiden University)
  • Maarten van der Plas (Municipality Leiden)
  • Carien Stulemeijer and Thijs de Kleer (BioPartner Leiden)

Furthermore we’re very grateful for contributions by:

  • Roel Bulthuis on behalf of MS Ventures (Merck Sorono Ventures)
  • Victor Rijkaart on behalf of Airbus Defence and Space Netherland (Dutch Space)
  • Philips Innovation Award for the PHIA seminar Leiden of 18 Dec 2014


In April 2012, the following people supported starting up the Science meets Business café:

  • Ruud Santing, member of the board for the entrepreneurs society Bio Science Park (OV BSP)
  • Carien Stulemeijer, office manager BioPartner Centre Leiden
  • Harmen Jousma, program director Science Based Business, Leiden University
  • Maarten van der Plas, Policy Officer Economic Affairs, Team Culture, Youth, Economic Affairs, Tourism and Education
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