Stellar Space Industries


Stellar Space Industries is a commercial partnership that was formed and officially registered with the chamber of commerce in April 2015. Our office is situated on the Leiden Bio Science Park in BP4. The fundamental believe that endorsed this commercial partnership is that our society is at the brink of developing into a space-based economy. We closely follow the developments with respect to the utilization of in-situ resources in current space operations, in order to detect technological black holes in the space exploration industry. Thereby we are developing our own production capability, by forming partnerships with owners of qualified facilities for the production of space technology. We are currently in the closing stage of developing a partnership with the Leidse Instrumentmakers School, which will potentially be our first production facility of space technology. By developing a production capability for the fabrication of space technology and providing engineering services for the high-tech industry, we can finance our research into the technological black holes that we encounter. Our first customer is Leiden Probe Microscopy. We will produce technical drawings for them, with the possibility of expanding to production in the future. We thereby found a project that could decrease fuel consumption of launch vehicles and therefore reduce costs and emission of space operations significantly.