SmB volunteers

Science meets Business is an initiative by volunteers with an interest in science and business in and around Leiden. There are several teams organising different events. These are the following:

Current teams

The Science meets Business Cafe team

The team making sure there is a monthly Science meets Business cafe with an interesting programme, drinks and promotion.

Dennis van der Wiel, BSc,
Max Green,
Merel Baks, BSc, 
Jenke Scheen, BSc,
Elena Santidrián Yebra-Pimentel, MSc,
Lucas van der Meer, MSc,
Mia Urem, MSc,
Frédérique de Paus, BSc.

The Science meets Business Events team

The team organizing events suchs as the Science meets Business Plan Competition and The Weekend Business Challenge.

Oscar Lebbink, BSc
Eline van Zutphen, BSc
Boris Polm, BSc
Tom Streef, BSc
Max Green,
Jenke Scheen, BSc

Past volunteers

Founder of Science meets Business

Christiaan van Gorkum, MSc,

On Friday the 30th of October 2015, our teammate Christiaan passed away – far too young – in a canoeing accident. He was the father of Science Meets Business, the one who brought us together. He meant a great deal to the (scientific) community and can be proud of everything he has accomplished, bringing people together to inspire one another and to create great things.

SmB Cafe team


SmB team 2015

Upper row, from left: Frédérique, Laurens, Caspar, Vincent, Christiaan
Lower row, from left: Blandine, Mia, Kristina, Melissa

In addition, we’re supported by key stakeholders from BioPartner Center Leiden and Leiden University.