Water & Green (Bio)technology

The Leiden Science Sector is home to several companies active in water and green (bio)technology. An overview can be found on the Leiden Bio Science Park website database. Under sectors, select Green Life Sciences and Marine and Environment. For White Life Sciences (or: Industrial Biotech) and related Chemistry companies, we made a separte page that can be found here.BIO

Below, we’ve shortlisted these companies and added some other companies active in the Leiden region:

Company website Business Notable for Background information
   AQUON is a service provider in the field of sampling analysis and reporting of wet chemical, physical or biological research. In 2011, a number of water research departments fused into AQUON.  Products and services (in Dutch).
  Monitor growth and quality aspects of seeds and crops. Collaboration with FFEW. Technologies portfolio.
  Marine research, inventory, & strategy solutions. Discovery of 11 species new to the Netherland made the national news (from 21’45”, in Dutch). Introduction to GiMaRIS.Featured @ SmB café
  Potentially game-changing Biotech for the poulty industry. Winner of the MVO Pluimveeaward. Website and Twitter.Featured @ SmB café
  Expertise in water, energy and air applications for reducing their customers environmental impact. In 2012, Nalco was named water technology company of the year. Annual report Nalco 2010.
  Tools for use in sustainable aquaculture.  Revolutionizing the aquaculture industry with ZF implant and  breeding innovations. Newcatch Products.
  Clean water from desalinated brackish water at a lower economic and environmental cost. Voltea won the Water Technology Idol competition at the Global Water Summit held in Paris in April 2010.  Technology and ApplicationsFeatured @ SMB café
  Application of Zebrafish technology. Sequencing the King Cobra and the European Eel (in Dutch). ZF-Screens main page.

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